My name is David. My handle is bbphrogger, though I also use the name Gilpurse (the last name of all of my characters in Final Fantasy XIV online since beta) for some of my gaming accounts.

This blog is about games and gaming. I was inspired to create this blog when I realized that many of the games I love the most aren’t being reviewed by people who love them. When professional critics and writers post about games, they have to write something even if they don’t like the game. My intention is to follow the paraphrased advice of a certain famous rabbit: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I won’t necessarily pull punches. If I love a game but I think it is weak in a specific area, I’ll say so. But if I hate a game, I just won’t write about it. I’m not on a schedule and I don’t have an editor. I can take my time and stick to positive reviews.

So that’s why I started the blog, but over time a primary function of this site has been to allow me to share all of the work that I put into table top role playing games. With over 25 years of TTRPG obsession, and a lot of professional design experience, I have created a lot of useful stuff. I have a huge backlog of materials like character sheets, visual aids, home-brew rules, characters, etc. As time allows, I make them available here. Enjoy!

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